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RCIA Calendar


FALL / WINTER  2018 

Sept       4        Tues    7:00pm  Nicene Creed – Images of God / Trinity 

Sept     11        Tues    7:00pm  Nicene Creed – Jesus: God and Man 

Sept     18        Tues    7:00pm  Nicene Creed – Marks of the Church & Tour

Sept     25        Tues    7:00pm  Tour of the Mass – Liturgy of the Word         

Oct        2        Tues   7:00pm  Tour of the Mass – Liturgy of the Eucharist 

Oct        9        Tues    7:00pm  Tour of the Bible – Intro to Scriptures

Oct      16          Tues    7:00pm  Catholic Understanding of Scripture 1

Oct      23        Tues    7:00pm  Catholic Understanding of Scripture 2                            

Oct      30        Tues    7:00pm    Mary and the Saints

Nov     6          Tues    7:00pm  Introduction to the Sacraments            

Nov     13        Tues    7:00pm  Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation  
                                                 prep for Rite of Acceptance         

Nov      18           Sun         Rite of Acceptance & Dismissal        10:30 Mass              

Nov     20        Tues    7:00pm  Sacrament of Eucharist   RESCHEDULED FOR DEC 11

Nov        22           Thurs     Thanksgiving

Nov        25           Sun         Christ the King    No Dismissal / Baptisms 

Nov     27        Tues    7:00pm  Liturgical Calendar – Church Year                        

Dec          2           Sun         1st Week of Advent - Dismissal       10:30 Mass

Dec        4        Tues    7:00pm    An Adult Christ at Christmas

Dec          9           Sun         2nd Week of Advent - Dismissal     8:00 Mass

Dec        11      Tues    7:00pm     Sacrament of the Eucharist

Dec        16           Sun         3rd Week of Advent      No Dismissal / Simbag Gabe

Dec      18        Tues    7:00pm  Sacrament of Healing: Reconciliation

Dec        19           Tues       Parish Advent Penance Service 7:00

Dec        23           Sun         4th Week of Advent Dismissal      8:00 Mass

Dec        25           Tues       No Dismissal – Christmas Day  
Dec        30           Sun         No Dismissal – Feast of the Holy Family                                  


Jan           1           Tues       No Dismissal – New Years Day    

Jan           6           Sun         Epiphany         Dismissal   8:00 Mass 

Jan        8        Tues    7:00pm  Epiphany Family Potluck Celebration

Jan         13           Sun         Baptism of the Lord   No Dismissal / Baptisms         

Jan      15        Tues    7:00pm  Sacrament of Anointing
                                                Corporal Works of Mercy                       

Jan       20         Sun   2nd Week of Ordinary Time      Dismissal     8:00 Mass              

Jan      22        Tues    7:00pm  Catholic Social Action (Field Trip to ?)

Jan       27         Sun      3rd Week Ordinary Time      Dismissal    8:00 Mass                             

Jan      29        Tues    7:00pm  Prayer as Individuals and as Community            

Feb         3             Sun         4th Week Dismissal             8:00 Mass 

Feb        5        Tues    7:00pm  Principles of Stewardship

Feb         10           Sun         5th Week Dismissal                         

Feb      12        Tues    7:00pm  Sacrament of Marriage

Feb         17           Sun         6th Week - Dismissal         8:00 Mass              

Feb      19        Tues    7:00pm  Sacrament of Orders

Feb         24           Sun         7th Week        No Dismissal         Baptisms

Feb      26        Tues    7:00pm  In the Footsteps of Jesus (Pilgrimage)

Mar          3           Sun         8th Week – Dismissal          8:00 Mass

Mar     5          Tues    7:00pm   Season of Lent/Triduum 
Prep for Rite of Sending/Election

Mar          6           Wed       ASH WEDNESDAY        No Dismissal                                  

Mar        10           Sun     1st Week Lent – Rite of Sending & Dismissal     8:00 Mass

Mar     12        Tues    7:00pm  Lenten Small Groups #1        Prep for Rite of Election

Mar        16           Sat         Rite of Election                        10:30     St. Charles

Mar        17           Sun         2nd Week Lent – Dismissal                     8:00 Mass              

March 19        Tues    7:00pm  Lenten Small Groups #2

March   24           Sun      3rd Week Lent – 1st Scrutiny & Dismissal       10:30 Mass

March 26        Tues    7:00pm  Lenten Small Groups #3

March 31           Sun         4th Week Lent – 2nd Scrutiny & Dismissal        8:00 Mass

April      2        Tues    7:00pm  Lenten Small Groups #4

April       7        Sun         5th Week Lent – 3rd Scrutiny & Dismissal   10:30 Mass

April      9        Tues    7:00pm  Lenten Small Groups #5

April       14           Sun         Passion Sunday - No Dismissal         

            April    18        Holy Thursday
            April    19        Good Friday
            April    20        Holy Saturday Retreat & Easter Vigil
            April    21        Easter Sunday

April      23      Tues    7:00pm Process Lent and Easter Experience

April      30      Tues    7:00pm

May        7      Tues    7:00pm 

May      14      Tues    7:00pm 

May      21      Tues    7:00pm  St. Vincent de Paul Service Project

May      28      Tues    7:00pm  How to Succeed in Living a Catholic Life

June      4       Tues    7:00pm  Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit   

            June      9        Pentecost Sunday









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