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Mass Schedule Change


Proposal:    Sunday Morning Masses at 8:00am and 10:30am

The change will become effective the first weekend in September.

As our neighborhood changes with the construction of new homes and roadways, our parish has already experienced an increase in the flow of street traffic and problems with parking.  There are times when parishioners and visitors can find no empty spaces as they arrive for the later Mass because our lot is still occupied with cars from the earlier Mass.  Our Discipleship Commission has studied the issue and has recommended that we begin solving the problem by expanding the time between our two morning Masses, allowing time for the parking lot to empty from one Mass before filling up for the second. 

At all Masses during the weekend of July 22/23, Fr. Matthew took some time to lay out a First Proposal: change the start time for each of the Masses by fifteen minutes, thereby creating an extra half hour between the two. An added benefit to this proposal is that the change also allows time to conduct a full Religious Education Program between the two Masses.

The first proposed new time for the early Mass was 8:15 am and the later Mass would begin at 10:45 am.

The following weekend, July 29/30, Fr. Matthew offered a second proposal which flowed from the comments recieved from parishioners during the week: change only the time of the earlier Mass (move it to 8:00am) and keep the 10:30am as is. The primary advantages of this proposal were put forth as less change for the entire parish (only one Mass) and the afternoon schedule in the parish (meetings, JrHi Youth Group, Confirmation Class) would not have to be affected.  The primary disadvantage would be that the choir and other liturgical ministers for the early Mass would be required to be at church a half-hour earlier. For many of these volunteers, arriving earlier would mean rising from bed earlier on Sunday morning.

The overall response to the second proposal made it very clear that parishioners supported the change in time for one  Sunday morning Mass, rather than for both Masses. On the weekend of August 12/13, Fr. Matthew announced that, beginning September 3, the first Mass on Sunday morning will start at 8:00am.

Starting on September 3, our new Mass schedule at Holy Disciples is:

Saturday Evening:       5:00pm
Sunday Morning:         8:00am  and   10:30am

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