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Fr. Matthew O'Leary's Weekly Bulletin Column


April 15,  2108

WEEKEND MASS TIME CHANGES—Our Lady of Good Counsel and Holy Disciples

For some time we have known that the coming loss of weekend assistance from Fr. Peter Tynan, OSB, will necessitate changes to our weekend Mass schedule. 

It will no longer be possible to have two 10:30am Sunday Masses.  I, as pastor, will need to take on coverage of all weekend Masses, and Mass times will need to be rescheduled accordingly. 

Other issues play into scheduling realities—travel time between the two communities; the number of people at the various weekend Masses; winter driving conditions; the scheduling of religious education/faith formation, youth groups, Confirmation, and other parish events involving the pastor’s participation; as well as parking and meeting space limitations at Holy Disciples.

Parish leadership has been consulted, members of both parish congregations surveyed, and the archdiocese advised. 

Effective June 1, we will change the current Mass schedule at Our Lady of Good Counsel from Sundays at 10:30am to Saturdays at 4:00pm, and, accordingly, move Saturday evening Mass at Holy Disciples from 5:00pm to 6:30pm.  Sunday morning Masses at Holy Disciples will remain the same, as rescheduled in September of 2017, for parking issues.

Many of us are being asked to sacrifice to make these changes work. The biggest sacrifice is asked of the people at Our Lady of Good Counsel to face a major change to parish life that for so many years has been centered on Sunday mornings.

Weekend Mass Schedule—effective June 1, 2018

Saturday       4:00pm          Our Lady of Good Counsel
Saturday       6:30pm          Holy Disciples
Sunday          8:00am          Holy Disciples
Sunday        10:30am          Holy Disciples

Additionally, the schedule for Confessions and Reconciliation will require change:

Confession and Reconciliation Schedule—effective June 1, 2018

Saturday         2:30pm            Holy Disciples
Wednesday    6:00pm            Our Lady of Good Counsel

Please pray for our parishes and for me to make this work,
      Fr. Matthew O’Leary,




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